1. Bitrix24

Even though Bitrix24 is used by over 200,000 companies, it’s mostly unknown to HR professionals. Perhaps, because its HR tools (employee directory, employee self service portal, shared calendars, absence management, onboarding and engagement) are hidden away.  Do take a day or two to explore Bitrix24, because it’s a hidden HR gem. Free – 12 users/5GB

2. ScheduleHead.com

As you might have guessed from the name, ScheduleHead is a free online employee scheduling service. The free version is limited to 75 employees and uses email as the only way to notify them about their work shifts. The paid version also lets you notify employees about scheduled shifts via text messages.

3. iDoneThis.com

iDoneThis is a free workreport software. It sends your employees daily reminders to fill out a short form about what they’ve done. At the end of the day supervisor sees what each subordinate has done. As easy as that. Free – solo, after that it’s $5/employee/month

4. WaveApps.com

While payroll is a responsibility of accountants, the two roles are frequently intertwined in small companies. There are a number of accounting tools available inside WaveApps, payroll being just one of them. The free version is ad supported. The paid version is ad free, but has $9/user/mo charge. The fact that you can view payroll via mobile is pretty cool.

5. WebHR

WebHR is somewhat similar to Bitrix24 (minus file sharing, document management, client management and tasks). It can be used as free employee portal if you have 10 employees or less. It has a great clean interface that is very inviting. Unfortunately, most of the HR tools are turned off in the free version. However, WebHR plans are very modestly prices $25 for 20 employees and $50 for 50 employees.

Did I miss any other free online HR tools? Leave your favorite ones in comments

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