TribeHR is one of the most popular new generation social HR solutions on the market, but it’s not the only one. In fact, there are quite a few new solutions that came out within the past two years. Bitrix24 is probably the most popular TribeHR alternative, which is not surprising, because the free cloud version is available.

So what is Bitrix24? Bitrix24 is a social intranet and human resources information system in one. It also has a powerful project management system and CRM built-in, something that no other HR 2.0 solutions seem to offer. 

Bitrix24 has self-hosted version that you set up on your own server and cloud version. The two are not the same as the self-hosted version has several features not available in the free cloud version, namely knowledge management system, HelpDesk ticketing and e-order system, more options for employee self-service, as well as Active Directory support and MS Exchange and SharePoint connectors.


The core HRIS functions of Bitrix24 are fairly standard and quite generous for free human resource management system software. First, you get searchable employee directory that comes with telephone directory, do it yourself employee profiles, employee timeline and other perks like instant get in touch that lets you call, chat or set up a videoconference with any employee through free WebRTC module that comes with Bitrix24.


The organizational chart tool is dynamic (drag&drop) and is very easy to use. The orgchart in Bitrix24 is also used assign visibility and permission setting for other Bitrix24 functions, like approvals, task management and work reports. Multidepartment version allows you to create multiple independent intranets for different departments, divisions or branches within a single company.


Company news in Bitrix24 are distributed in several different ways. First, you can set up an ‘Announcement’ – a must read piece of news where each employee must confirm that he or she has read the message. Another option is to send a message to all employees or a specific department.  Finally, RSS feeds can be used to import feeds from pretty much any outside source (like Facebook or LinkedIn).


Time management in Bitirix24 HRIS is pretty much standard – optional or mandatory clockin/clockout with flexible time settings from employees who must start and end their workdays at certain time. IP address is tracked for companies that allow telecommuting in order to be able to easily determine if an employee worked from the office or home. Mandatory work reports, if necessary can be sent daily, weekly or monthly by each worker to his or her supervisor.


Leave management module is quite standard but can be easily configured to include various types of leaves like jury duty, sabbatical or disability leave. The same module is used for business trips requests.


Shared calendars in Bitrix24 work on their own, but allow easy Outlook/Exchange/Google Calendar/iCal/CalDev integration. The calendars can be made either public or private and have configurable holidays option.


Document managementemployee self-service and HR forms modules are very robust, although Recruiting is rather rudimentary.

The cloud version of Bitrix24 is brainlessly simple to use, free and perfect for any small business. If your company has more than 75 employees, however, the self-hosted version makes a better choice, IMHO, because it can be easily integrated with your payroll and other HR tools that you may be using.


Again, while Bitrix24 is the best or at least the most popular TribeHR alternative, it’s not the only one. What makes Bitrix24 stand apart, is that it comes over 35+ tools wrapped inside (I know of no other HRIS that comes with CRM) and a really cool mobile app that doubles as mobile intranet portal or mobile HRIS.  Videoconferencing and business chat tools, not covered in this review, because they aren’t really HR tools, are nevertheless worth taking a look at as well.

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