Ever since Producteev has been acquired by Jive, there has been a long non-stop list of complaints about changes that followed. Yes, kiddies, this is what happens when enterprise behemoth buys a small startup – they kill it. Luckily, I’ve got good news for anyone looking for Producteev alternative. First, there are Producteev alternatives. Second, some are 100% free. Third, the ones below are actually MUCH better than Producteev. So let’s go.

1.    Bitrix24 – ok, so you already know about this one, because it is by far most popular Producteev alternative. But let’s go over it again. So, just like Jive, its enterprise social network. Unlike Jive, it actually works. Also, it comes with free activity stream, document management, filesharing, project management, record management, project management and 30+ other tools. But you probably only care about PM. So here’s what you get – PM, tasks, task reports, workgroups, Gantt charts, report builder, time management and calendars. Bitrix24 is DA BOMB, everything is connected – tasks with CRM, business processes and even instant messenger. Oh and Bitrix24 is 100% free for companies with 12 employees or less. Out of all Producteev alternatives this one is by far the most simple to use. It’s also the only solution that gives you an option whether to use online (SaaS) version or deploy it on your own servers.

2.    Wrike – ok, so you know about this one too, especially if you are Russian. Wrike isn’t anything like Jive or Producteev for that matter. Are you looking for a system that totally flexible? Do plan to run around 50,000 tasks a month? Do you hate Gantt charts as much as Andrei Filev (Wrike’s founder) does? Than Wrike is a perfect match for you. Up until last year, Wrike was only available for $99 a month. But last year they gave in and started offering free plan as well. Check them out.

3.    Asana – damn it, you probably heard of that one as well. But if you have not, Asana was founded two years ago by Facebook refugees. So it’s the best looking one. If you are a hipster, you should go for Asana. It features pretty much the same toolset as Bitrix24, Wrike or Producteev itself. But this Producteev alternative (yes, Asana is totally gratis for teams with 15 members or less) lets you grab any task (in online version) and drag it anywhere you want. You can rearrange tasks by dragging them and do a lot of cool visual things. Like I said this one is for hipsters and if you are one, you’ll probably be so happy, you’ll Instagram your Asana account.

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