1. Bitrix24 

Bitrix24 is probably the best know free internal communications software. Essentially is a unified communications cloud platform that comes with free enterprise social networks, business chat, mobile messaging, videoconferecing, web phone calls and e-mail. What else could you want?The thing that appeals most to me as an IC professional is company news and mandatory announcements module and knowledge management module, though in fact Bitrix24 comes with over 35 different tools from document management, to shared calendars to program management and CRM. Bitrix24 is free for 12 users, addition all $25/mo gets you extra 12 users and if you pay $99/mo you get unlimited users, which is a darn good deal.

2. CoopApp.com

CoopApp came out before Bitrix24 (hence the ugly design) but inspite of not offering as many tools, it’s good at what it has been created for, namely keeping all your employees on the same page.

3. Google+ Hangouts

Great free videochat platform perfect for communicating with your employees who work in different offices or from home.

4. MindMeister.com

If you are in charge of brain storming and idea management and love mind maps, you’ll love MindMeister.  Unfortunately shared mind maps are available in the paid plans only.

5. UserVoice.com

UserVoice has been created with the idea of giving your customers a way to provide feedback and vote on the best ideas. However (don’t tell anyone), you can use UserVoice for free inside your own company to get feedback and ideas from your employees.

6. WeekDone.com

Effective internal communications flow both ways. If you consider work reports an important IC tool (and you should), do take a good look at WorkDone. Along with Bitrix24, it’s one of the few tools that’s available on your mobile as well as PC.

7. OpenLMS.org

OpenLMS is a free open source learning management system. It does require that you are a techsavvy person, but what you get in return is ability to create employee training courses and interactive employee manuals.



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