Bitrix24 is probably the best new Gantt chart tool to appear within the last two years. The best thing I like about it is the fact that Bitrix24 is a project management for regular folks, not just geeks. Bitrix24 is a good choice if your team is 12 people or less (Bitrix24 is free for 12 users, otherwise it’s $99 for unlimited users) and if you want to have team communication and collaboration tools (like group and video chatshared group calendarsfile sharing and document management). And if you want to have a choice between online (cloud) and the self-hosted version that works on your server. If you opt for the latter (self-hosted version), you get API and the source code, so you can modify it and integrate with other tools, provided you have adequate PHP programming skills. Another supercool feature is Employee Workload Planning tool – great tool if you are using project management in order to coordinate how many hours should be spent on each task by a particular employee, freelancer or contractor. Employee Workload Planning shows how much time was actually spent vs planned so that you can calculate profit margin for each of your project. Mobile app is available for iOS and Android.


TaskJuggler is your choice if you are a project management buff who refuses to use anything but open source. TaskJuggler has a lot of functions that very few free PM solutions offer, like support for work shifts or usage based costs for resources. TaskJuggler supports different timezones as well – important if you outsource work to countries like India or Philippines. TaskJuggler works on PC, Linux and  MacOS. No online (cloud) version is available – a huge minus in my view. No mobile apps either.


Gantter is popular with SmartApp and Google App users (as it works only with those two). It was created with a goal to provide Microsoft Project experience in the cloud and this mission has definitely been accomplished successfully. The best thing about Gantter in my view is Gantter VU (see what I did here) – their free mobile app. Gantter definitely deserves more of your attention, if you run your business on Google Apps – read this review to get a better idea what it can do for you business.


TeamGantt is another good cloud only option with project management done right. Two things caught my attention – ability to build Gantt charts with Drag’n’Drop and email integration. Things I did not like about it is the fact that the number of project is limited for each plan (all the other solutions mentioned come with unlimited number of projects).


The main appeal for GanttPV is the fact that it’s based on Python. This is an ubergeek tool. For example, in order to create charts, you use scripts and command style inputs. People tend to love or hate GanttPV based on how much or little coding skills they have. It’s definitely worth your attention if you program in Python.  This is not run-of-the-mill project management solution.

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